Retail: Brazilians spend more than twice the time than americans do to buy clothes

Sao Paulo, Brazil – Analysis made by BARE International, company specialized in research on mystery shopping, compares consumers profile in both countries

How much time do you spend to buy clothes? Brazilians spend an average of 38 minutes compared to the 20 minutes * of the Americans. The unpublished data belongs to BARE International (, a global leader in the field of research of customer experience.
Have a look at the info-graphic to see the x-ray of the retail stores in both countries: here

The analysis crosses data from the two countries, data collected through researches in retail stores made by the company in 2015 ; the company is a reference in the mystery shopping area, where a brand hires an evalautoar to impersonate a client discreetly and professionally and analyze the services provided.

According to the survey, Brazilians spends on average 38 minutes to buy clothes, while Americans spend 20 minutes. One possible explanation is that the service in the US seems to be more proactive, while in Brazil the seller is classified as very helpful, probably because he/she devoted more time to the customer.

One of the American retail advantages is the quick payment, in Brazil 92% of the evaluations show the shops are distinguished by the organization and the friendliness of the salesperson. “As improvement, Brazilians should focus more on coaching the team to get more customer loyalty, offering the customer other products and seeing the moment of a « purchase return« as a new opportunity to sell,” explains Christian Ommundsen, BARE manager in the country.

The practice of evaluation through mystery shopping is traditional in retail and was created in 1920 in the US. The goal is to have impartial analysis to improve brand performances, get customer loyalty and train /hold employees in companies.

All together, BARE International has more than 270 customers in 150 countries, with major leading global brands using the company’s services. Only in Brazil there are 35.000 registered evaluators. In addition to the fashion industry the company operates in 11 other sectors, including the automotive, food and hospitality.

About Bare International

Bare International is a leading global customer experience research company, with 28 years of experience and more than 270 customers in 150 countries. BARE International provides services to large brands in 12 industries. In Brazil, the company has 35.000 registered evaluators and offers operational excellence assessment services, employee commitment, customer satisfaction and provide data analysis and reports.

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