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The Importance of the Hidden Customer

The work of a Hidden Customer, also known as Mystery Shopper, is very valuable and extremely important. Large companies from all sectors need to know the level of excellence of their services, clarify which points in their service process need to be evaluated and whether they are being carried out effectively, within company standards.

How to get more ratings?

The secret to receiving the most number of evaluation proposals is in how you fill out your registration. When you start registering for Bare Appraiser, several questions are asked. So fill in as many fields as you can. Always be realistic because all the data collected influence the proposed projects. The more data you provide, […]

Organization is the secret of success

Every Hidden Customer is an independent professional, ie you manage your workflow. Bare Assessors can participate in as many projects as they wish, provided that the quality of reports, deadlines and other specific requirements of each evaluation are met.

What makes a hidden client?

You may have heard that a Hidden Customer earns money to do business service reviews. But do you know what he does exactly? This text will clarify your doubts and, perhaps, convince you to join the team of evaluators of Bare International Brazil.

When will I receive the Occult Customer ratings?

Bare International Brasil makes all payments and reimbursements for Hidden Customer and Audit evaluations in the second fortnight of the month following which the evaluation was approved and finalized. In order to receive payment, you must carry out the evaluation in the correct way and send an email with your data * to pagamentosbr@bareinternational.com.

How to Love Mondays

Do you hate Monday? If so, this text is for you. For you to think that maybe the problem is not Monday but your routine during the week and perhaps your job. We list four tips on how to improve your habits and find a more stimulating job.

5 things you need to do to have more money

Do you feel that all the money you make ends up too fast? It’s time to take action to improve your financial life and have more money in your hands and in the bank. Check out our tips:

How To Be A Hidden Customer Can Help Change Your Career

How to be a Hidden Customer can help change your career Do you feel like you need to start doing something new? Need a change in life but do not know how to survive the search for a new job? You may be with Burnout Syndrome (Professional Burnout). Check below how to identify the secret […]