How to get more ratings?

The secret to receiving the most number of evaluation proposals is in how you fill out your registration.

When you start registering for Bare Appraiser, several questions are asked. So fill in as many fields as you can. Always be realistic because all the data collected influence the proposed projects. The more data you provide, the more ratings that fit your profile will appear.

In addition, the certificates of the trainings performed are saved in our system, as well as the grades of the assessments, that is, the more certificates and high grades, the more vague they will appear for you.

In the course of an evaluator’s work, the number of evaluations he performed also influences. The more evaluations performed, the more experience.

Tip: For best performance while filling the data in our APOLLO system, save your information every 30 minutes.

Update your cadastroAnd get more ratings!

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