As a leader of customer experience insights, our main goal is to be available as a true partner, and to provide the support you need for success. 

It is time to re-think business and re-design methods of measuring success and ensuring quality, compliance, and training for front-line and essential teams.


Audits are where our auditors announce themselves upon entry and take a detailed record of standards execution, following WHO recommendations and the client's guidelines.

Customer feedback surveys are geofenced and either programmed into your loyalty app or in our app to gather insights on the experience and guidelines that are being followed.

BARE’s SaaS tool facilitates self-audits by your own team. The customizable electronic checklist allows you to measure compliance both with new standards and WHO-related guidelines.

“What I truly appreciate about BARE is their sincere interest in helping us deliver the best customer experience. They give us invaluable insights from the ground that help us make relevant and informed decisions.”

Leo Mendoza

Operations Excellence Manager, Shell PI


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As the largest independent, global provider of customer journey research, mystery visits and evaluating services, our main goal remains to be available and provide the support you might need.

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